About Us

About us


Emmanuel Church is an evangelical church in the heart of multicultural, inner city Birmingham. The church was initially set up by WEC (World Evangelisation for Christ) missionaries in the 1970’s, but has now become an independent evangelical church that seeks to take the gospel to Handsworth and the surrounding districts of Birmingham.

We believe that God changes lives through His Word the Bible and our goal is to see lives changed through expositional, biblical, relevant and passionate preaching. This is God’s primary means of building up Christians in their faith and reaching out with the good news of the gospel to those who do not know God.

Type of Church
Emmanuel church is an EVANGELICAL church, which means that we hold firmly to the historic teachings of the Christian faith, particularly the complete reliability and authority of the Bible. 

We are an INDEPENDENT church, which means that we are not part of a larger denomination.  However, we work wholeheartedly with other similar evangelical churches. The FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) who have an affiliation of over 500 churches are the Trustees of our church building. 

We are a
 PREACHING & TEACHING church, which means that we believe our most important task is to accurately as possible exegete (interpret) and passionately preach from the Bible and to apply it to our lives today. It is God’s appointed means of challenging, encouraging, comforting, rebuking or stirring our hearts to worship God and live for His glory. Because of this, preaching is at the centre of our worship services, and the Bible is taught wherever possible.

We are a 
MULTICULTURAL church, which means that we desire to see people from different cultural backgrounds come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Therefore, because the majority of the congregation at this present time is Asian, we have simultaneous translation during the morning service from English to Punjabi. Most of our songs are in English, but there are also a few Indian songs included in the service. The Sunday evening service is an International Service in English for all nationalities. During this service translation is available if required through an earpiece. At this present time, we can translate into Arabic, French, Marathi and Punjabi. As a church our desire is to reflect the mixed culture of the community of Handsworth and Birmingham. 

We are an 
EVANGELISTIC church, which means that we believe the great task of the church is to make Jesus known to people from every tribe, tongue and nation. Therefore, we have an active programme of local evangelism as well as a commitment to pray for missionaries.